Grant Programs Aviable for Members of the International Village BIA

The City of Hamilton offers a range of grant programs for property owners, developers, and business owners in the International Village BIA. The grant programs are designed to help rehabilitate properties in the core and throughout Business Improvement Areas across the city. Below is a snapshot of the grant programs offered by the City of Hamilton. Learn more about the financial incentives for businesses in Hamilton.

Business Improvement Area Commercial Property Improvement Grant

This program is offered to property owners and authorized tenants of commercial properties located within one of Hamilton’s Business Improvement Areas for eligible façade improvements, limited improvements to interior space, and barrier-free improvements. Artfully designed façade improvements or art pieces placed on private property that can be viewed by the public may be eligible for an additional matching grant. Learn more about the grant program.

Hamilton Tax Increment Grant

Provides a 5-year grant based on the increase in the municipal portion of the realty taxes attributed to the redevelopment of residential or commercial land and buildings. Learn more about the grant program.

Hamilton Downtown Multi-Residential Property Investment  Program

The program offers financial assistance to projects that are predominantly residential in the Downtown Hamilton Community Improvement Project Area. Learn more about the grant program.

Commercial Corridor Housing Loan and Grant

Provides financial assistance for the construction of new residential units, renovation of residential units, or the conversion of existing commercial space into residential units. Learn more about the grant program.

Hamilton Heritage Property Grant

For properties designated under Parts IV or V of the Ontario Heritage Act, the program is designed to offer grants for the conversion and restoration of heritage features. Learn more about the grant program.

Office Tenancy Assistance Program

The program offers a low-interest loan to property owners or authorized tenants to support eligible leasehold improvement to office buildings. Learn more about the grant program.

LEED Grant Program

The purpose of the grant program is for the City of Hamilton to share (50/50) the incremental construction (to a maximum), consultation, energy modelling, and certification fees with applicants to achieve LEED Certification. Learn more about the grant program.

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