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City of Hamilton Grant Programs Available for Members of the International Village BIA

The City of Hamilton offers a range of grant programs for property owners, developers, and business owners in the International Village BIA.

The grant programs are designed to help rehabilitate properties in the core and in Business Improvement Areas across the city. Below is a snapshot of the grant programs offered by the City of Hamilton.

Learn more about the financial incentives for businesses in the City of Hamilton at

Commercial District Revitalization Grant Program

This program is intended to provide grants that will support long-lasting and predominantly exterior physical improvements to the appearance, accessibility and environmental sustainability of commercial or mixed-use commercial properties located within strategic commercial districts.

Activities supported by this program include:

  • Exterior building façade improvements;
  • Exterior/interior improvements that achieve Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) standards;
  • Exterior building/property improvements which improve appearance or functionality including those that enhance environmental sustainability of the building/property; and
  • Limited interior mechanical/ventilation improvements for restaurant uses.

The maximum grant amount under this program is paid on a matching basis (50%-50%) for eligible work. For maximum amounts and details please refer to the full program description.

This program applies within the following Community Improvement Project Areas: all Strategic Commercial Districts (including any Business Improvement Area (BIA) located therein)


Graffiti Removal Grant Application Form

On Sept. 13, 2023, City Council approved temporary changes to the Commercial District Revitalization Grant Program to provide grants for removing graffiti on commercial and mixed-use commercial properties located within strategic commercial districts and corridors.

Applications may be submitted by commercial property owners or businesses

Click below to ensure the subject property is located within the outlined corridors. Only properties within the outlined corridors are eligible for a graffiti removal grant.


Commercial Vacancy Assistance Program

This pilot program is intended to provide financial assistance in the form of a grant to new permanent or ‘pop-up’ commercial tenants of a presently vacant at, or below grade, commercial space. The aim is to make permanent interior improvements for the attractiveness and usability of the space for the intended commercial use.

The maximum grant amount under this Program is paid on a matching basis (50%-50%) for eligible work to a maximum of: a. $5,000 where the Applicant has entered into a lease term of between no less than three months and no longer then six months less a day; or b. $10,000 where the applicant has entered into a lease term of six months or longer.


Revitalizing Hamilton Tax Increment Grant Program

The Program is intended to provide a Grant to incentivize property owners within strategic commercial districts to develop, redevelop or otherwise improve properties and/or buildings (including designated heritage buildings) in a manner that will support the broader revitalization of the commercial district as well as generate new municipal property tax revenue through increased property assessments.

Additional financial incentives are provided through this program for developments that incorporate affordable housing units or achieve environmental sustainability objectives (including obtaining specified certifications or achieving District Energy Readiness).

As a tax increment-based program, grants are provided relative to the actual increase in municipal property taxes that are generated as a result of an improvement/development undertaken on a property. Grants are provided over a maximum term of four annual payments and are subject to City Council approval.


Start-Up and Office Tenant Attraction Program

This program is intended to facilitate the undertaking of eligible leasehold improvements to office space by property owners or authorized tenants in order to support the creation of new office space and improve the marketability and attractiveness of existing office space including individual start-up businesses who are emerging from regional, national and international start-up/business incubators seeking to establish their first permanent office location.

The program provides 0% interest loans up to $450,000, a portion of which may be forgiven for Start-up Businesses and Start-up Incubators. Please refer to program description for details.


LEED Grant Program

The intent of the LEED grant program is to provide an economic catalyst for sustainable building and sustainable land development practices located within the LEEDING the Way Community Improvement Project Area (for details of the CIP which authorizes these incentives please visit

The purpose of the grant program is for the City to share the incremental construction cost, consultation, energy modeling and certification fees with the applicant to achieve LEED certification. Grants are calculated on the basis of the rating of official certification under the LEED rating system by the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC).


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