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The Village is home to many creative and passionate businesses, like VintageSoulGeek. Our community ranges from upscale fashions to vintage flairs becoming one of the best places to find unique fashions. 

VintageSoulGeek was opened by Nik and Connie in 2015. Since then VintageSoulGeek has become a leading purveyor of vintage clothing and jewelry from the late 1800s-1990s. Film studios regularly visit their shop to find the perfect vintage pieces for Hollywood films. 

In these unprecedented times, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some of The Village’s most passionate business owners, like Nik and Connie, to give you a behind-scene-look at those businesses: 

Why did you choose to open your business? 

“We were long time collectors and it was always a dream of Connies to have a vintage shop. Our house started to overflow with stuff so we decided to open our shop! The quality and prices of our products and wide range of eras set us apart.” 

A number of wood and metal bracelets on a rack with bright fabrics and racks of necklaces in the background at VintageSoulGeek

How are you operating during the COVID-19 pandemic?

“We’re selling online (Instagram, Facebook, Etsy) and offering free local delivery. Also we’re going to be reopening on June 2 and will be launching our summer collection!” 

What did you miss during the COVID-19 shutdown?

“Interacting with customers and being able to share stories. We miss all of our customers but we will be back very soon! You can follow us on Instagram or Facebook for updates.”

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