Latest Update: 2021-04-20

Open Businesses in the International Village BIA

We know it can be challenging to see which businesses are operating during the lockdown, we’ve got you covered with an easy-to-navigate list of businesses operating in the BIA.

See below to learn how you can support local businesses in The Village:

Legend: Online/Virtual Office/Social Media/Phone = (O)   Curbside/Takeout = (T) Delivery/Shipping = (D) Local Delivery = (L)  Open to Public = (P)  By-Appointment = (A)   Gift Certificate = (G)

180 Smoke Vape Store (O)(T)
Alliance Computers (T)
Aladdin Carpets (P)
Ambitious Realty (O)
Big Bee Convenience (P)
Black Forest Inn (T)(D)
Brother’s Grimm Bistro (T)
Cafe Oranje (O)(T)(D)
Caranina (O)
Circle Studios Yoga + Art (O)
Cherry Birch General (O)(T)(D)(P)
Creative Guild (O)
Denninger’s (O)(D)(T)(P)
Dodsworth & Brown Funeral Home (P)
Dollarama (P)
ECO Paint and Coatings Supply (T)
F45 Hamilton Downtown (O)
Farmhouse (P)
FEED The Social(O)
First Place Pharmacy (P)
Fit Barre (O)
Forbidden City (T)(D)
Gastro Market (T)(P)
Girl On The Wing (O)(T)(D)
Goodbodyfeel Movement Studio (O)
G.W. Thompson Pawnbroker (P)
Hamilton Parking (P)
J.H. Gordon Books (O)(T)(D)
Joie Day Spa (O)
King Street Pharmacy (P)
Liu Liu Hot Pot (O)(T)(D)
Live Right Pet Supplies (O)(T)(P)
Luv La Vie (O)(T)(D)

Minuteman Press (O)(T)(D)
Noodle & Dumpling (T)
Nuts Factory (T)(P)
Omnes (O)
Overdrive (O)
Parevenu Computer Services (O)(T)
Petro Canada (P)
P&A Plastics (O)(T)
Rayacom Print & Design (O)

Red Rockets Wings and Ribs (T)(D)
Relm Cannabis (O)(T)
Riverview Pharmacy (P)
Seasoned Restaurant (O)(T)
Shakespeare’s Fine Dining (T)
Shingu Steak (T)(D)
Shuyi Tealicious (T)(D)
Skyway Convivence (P)
Sparkle Northern Chinese Cuisine (T)(D)
Spicy Palace (T)
Starspark Computers (T)
Studio 205 (O)(T)

The Laundry Design Works (O)
The Jet Cafe (T)(D)
Tim Hortons (T)
Tundra Leather (O)(T)(D)(L)
Tundra Music (O)
Vape Club (O)(T)(D)
VintageSoulGeek (O)
Whitley Wodehouse Chartered
Professional Accountants (A)
Xelf (O)
Yearn to Urn (O)
Zoran Designs Jewellery (O)(T)

Individual business availability and accessibility may vary. We will make every effort to keep this list up-to-date, so check back frequently. To learn more about the businesses in the International Village BIA, view our interactive business directory

Don’t see your business on this list or you have changed your operations? Contact us today with the details! 

Shop The Village Marketplace

Shop local from the comfort of your home on The Village Marketplace. Find interesting books to handmade fashions on Ontario’s first BIA built and operated e-commerce marketplace. Shop at multiple local businesses with one-cart at checkout. It has never been more convenient to shop local!

Person making latte at Studio 205

Spend It Here in Hamilton

Hamilton is home to 13 Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) which represent 1,887 commercial businesses bringing over 25,000 jobs to the region. These people are your neighbours, friends, and family. By making a purchase from your favourite businesses you are making an investment in your community. Ensure that every dollar you spend stays in our local economy to make sure that our community remains the vibrant place it is.

Quick Facts about Business Improvement Areas In Hamilton:

  • Number of Commercial Businesses in the 13 BIAs: 1,887
  • The total value of the commercial properties within the BIAs: $722 million
  • Total Commercial Square Footage represents just over 4 million
  • Total Number of Jobs: Over 25,000
  • Collective years of BIAs in Hamilton: 335 years
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