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What is a Business Improvement Area (BIA)?

You may know us as “downtown,” or The Village or “the best place to grab a bite in the city,” but do you know what a BIA is?

Not to worry! The work of a BIA might seem mysterious, so let’s clear things up.

A Business Improvement Area’s (BIA) job is to advocate for small businesses located within their boundaries, promote local shopping, host events and activations, and beautify their neighbourhood.

Think of it like creating a community *inside* a community. (Pretty meta, huh?) You may not always *see* the work we do, but if you’ve ever taken a walk through your neighbourhood and thought, “I love this place.” …then we’ve done our job.

Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) in Hamilton

Hamilton is home to 11 Business Improvement Areas which represent 1,887 commercial businesses bringing over 25,000 jobs to the region.

BIAs improve the look, feel, and financial success of an area by undertaking beautification efforts with the goal of helping to attract shoppers, diners and investors to the area. BIAs work collaboratively to advocate for their membership and promote shopping local with the region by using #SpendItHere. Discover each of Hamilton’s 11 BIAs to learn more about their unique assets, and efforts in the community.

Quick Facts about Business Improvement Areas in Hamilton:

  • Number of Commercial Businesses: 1,887
  • Total Value of the Commercial Properties: $722 million
  • Total Commercial Square Footage: Over 4 million
  • Total Number of Jobs: Over 25,000
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